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Introduction to BioMEMS

Welcome instructors, and thanks for deciding to use my textbook!

I have put together this website to facilitate interaction between the growing number of instructors that are using my textbook.

Below and above you will find the links to the PowerPoints of the lectures. They are password-protected, you should have received the username and password from me already (if not, please email me).

Please do NOT share the password with your students, as this website is also used to post the solutions to the problem sets. However, you are welcome to distribute the PowerPoints to them via email or a restricted-access website.

Purchase (~$79 hardcover; ~$46 Kindle) or Kindle-rent (~$10/mo) through Amazon here.

The field has been waiting for a true textbook that provides a practical, historical, authoritative and comprehensive introduction to bioMEMS. It has finally arrived, courtesy of Albert Folch, complete with PowerPoint lectures and thoughtful homework questions. I highly recommend it.

                                       - David J. Beebe, University of Wisconsin-Madison


A comprehensive, colorful textbook on the important field of bioMEMS. I will definitely recommend it to my students!

                                        - Albert van den Berg, University of Twente


Dr. Folch's book is a monumental achievement which brings an authoritative and comprehensive account to the rapidly growing, multidisciplinary field of bioMEMS. Many working scientists and engineers as well as students will find this book fascinating.

                                         - Mehmet Toner, Harvard Medical School


I believe Introduction to BioMEMS should be considered required reading for any student entering the field of BioMEMS. It can serve as the bible in the field. [Read full review]

                                         - Tony Jun Huang, Penn State University


Introduction to BioMEMS is a well-written textbook for advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate level courses in biological applications of micro-electro-mechanical systems and lab-on-a-chip devices. [...] The extensive use of color figures, the non-extensive use of equations, and a thorough glossary of terms will make this textbook ideal for an interdisciplinary introductory bioengineering course. [Read full review]

                                         - Joel Kubby, UC Santa Cruz


Introduction to BioMEMS [is] a perfect guide and an easy-to-use comprehensive textbook for researchers from different science and engineering fields. [Read full review]

                                         - Ali Khademhosseini, Harvard University and M.I.T.

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World Map of Introduction to BioMEMS

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Total:  98 universities
             (103 departments)
             18 countries​

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